Our Approach

BBI goes above and beyond the standard.

We plan for your success

Planning and constructing buildings are major enterprises. But it doesn’t have to be a major pain. Our more than four decades of experience have taught us that careful planning, coupled with good communication, is the key element in delivering your project on-time and on-budget.

We become part of your team

We focus on communication with you and your design team so that you know your project’s status at all times. We will make necessary changes quickly and deliver on your goals.

We speed the process without compromising quality

Our experience, in-depth knowledge of the construction process, and familiarity with Bay Area resources and regulations enable us to build your project efficiently, while controlling costs and keeping the project on schedule.

Our principals are committed to your project

At least one principal with the expertise and authority to provide solutions will oversee your project. You can be confident that BBI will meet your expectations and deliver on your goals. 


We handpick the ideal team for your project.

In choosing BBI Construction as your general contractor, you have hired a company with deep knowledge of the construction process, Bay Area material costs and subcontractor resources. Your BBI team works collaboratively with you and your designers at every step of the process and we provide regular progress reports

1: Pre-construction

  • BBI assists in evaluating the design team’s scope documents.
  • Our team will provide recommendations that can lead to a faster buildout with lower labor and material costs, without sacrificing quality.
  • Often, we present updated cost estimates as the GMP develops.

The work we do upfront ensures you meet your goals.

We review multiple approaches to find the most cost-effective solution.

As the general contractor, the core of our pre-construction service is to provide cost estimates, based on the scope developed by the design consultants. The first estimate is a breakdown of costs when the project is at the schematic or design development level. This initial estimate will be comprised of the major systems and methods of construction and may include multiple approaches.

For example, if there are different structural solutions, we can plan and price various methods so that the potential impacts, as well as costs, can be compared. If the project has Green Point rating or similar programs, we can sketch out a plan to meet those requirements. We also provide a construction schedule using Microsoft Project.

Typically, we present cost estimates and schedules three times as the GMP develops.

2: Value Engineering

  • BBI submits additional estimates and schedules as the planning process evolves.
  • We create a second estimate when construction drawings and specifications are ready.
  • We use these specs to solicit subcontractors and adjust the budget estimate accordingly.
  • Typically, we present cost estimates and schedules three times as the GMP develops.

Throughout the planning and estimating process, we keep in contact with you and your designers to ensure we stay true to your priorities while delivering the most cost-effective construction solutions.

We bring a seasoned eye to schedules and estimates.

3: Construction

BBI Construction provides close oversight of our construction crews to maintain high standards of quality, efficiency, and safety.

  • BBI has well-seasoned carpenters and laborers who work closely with our Superintendents.
  • For some scopes of work, we use subcontractors to meet budget constraints.

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and a safe worksite.

4: Design/Build

Clients have the option for Design/Build, in which our subcontractors work with your designers to meet your performance specifications. Design/Build has the advantage of speeding the planning and better containing costs.

  • Means and methods, scheduling, and the program are developed concurrently.
  • Budget decision making is optimized while reducing pre-construction and installation durations.

Design/Build speeds the build and trims the budget.

5: Modular and New Approaches

BBI Construction is committed to finding better ways to build that use sustainable materials and protect the environment. Modular housing and panelized systems both show great promise, and BBI is investing time and energy into researching practical solutions.

Modular prefabricated housing components are a quality alternative.