Our similarities are greater than our differences


We are a great representation of the vast diversity of the Bay Area in which we reside. We share our lives and in doing so, open ourselves to the richness of our cultures and experiences. We have found that our similarities far exceed our differences and together, we are one as a company.



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I think that the diversity at BBI starts at the top with principals that are socially conscientious. Diversity within an organization starts at the top with principals that are diverse in age, race, sex and background.  We have this diversity at BBI. The idea that some in our society are “disadvantaged” due to race, sex or class is seen as a legitimate concept by the principals. I feel that this attitude is reflected in the diversity in hiring that I have witnessed in the last 5 years at BBI. It has been all ages, races, sexes and social backgrounds that have been added to the team. I have never worked with a more diverse workforce than at BBI

Project Manager

The BBI team is a multilingual group with economic, geographical, gender, race and cultural diversity who respect and enjoy each other’s differences! We are a community within a community.

Assistant Project Manager

To me, BBI is like a miniature of California. It is full of colors, cultures, languages, and personalities. Each team member has his/her own background, knowledge and pride but is always treating others with a positive attitude and respect; which, I think, has made BBI a great and interesting place to work for. The diversity of age is also a plus, it’s helped me to grow so much


One of the many things I appreciate and value about BBI Construction is the diversity in the overall team. I believe each member, regardless of gender, nationality, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion and/or believes, is given the opportunity to thrive and succeed according to their own abilities, knowledge and specialties. I, a Latin woman, have felt welcome and supported from the very first day I was given the opportunity to be a BBI team member. My ideas and opinions are respectfully heard and considered, as well as the rest of my work. I feel valued and appreciated every day.

Assistant Project Manager

Growing up in a rural part of Colorado, diversity was more of a theory than anything else, but construction and the seasonal laborers that made long journeys in pursuit of decent wages were the one area that I could get a glimpse of the world outside of our box canyon. Diversity is why I moved to the Bay Area and why I have chosen to raise my kids here and even in the Bay Area, construction and its universal languages of hard work and earned respect attract and retain a truly diverse group of individuals. I am proud to say that our team at BBI is diverse in our backgrounds, life experiences, ancestry, ideologies and identities, working here makes me feel like I am a part of the fabric of the City of Oakland and for that I am grateful.

Assistant Project Manager

I see the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and nationalities of people in BBI’s offices as a risk that our company is willing to take to prove that despite the differences everyone deserves an opportunity; and I am very thankful.

Assistant Project Manager

Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity Policy.

We are committed to equal employment principles and recognize the value of committed employees who feel they are being treated in an equitable and professional manner.

We strive to find ways to attract, develop, and retain the talent needed to meet business objectives and to recruit and employ highly qualified individuals, representing the diverse communities in which we live. Employment policies and decisions on employment and promotion are based on merit, qualifications, performance, and business needs.

The decisions and criteria governing the employment relationship with all employees are made in a non-discriminatory manner — without regard to age, race, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or medical condition related to pregnancy or childbirth), gender identity or expression, religion, physical or mental disability, medical condition, legally protected genetic information, marital status, veteran status, military status, sexual orientation, or any other factor determined to be an unlawful basis for such decisions by federal, state, or local statutes.