The Way We WorkValue Engineering We work collaboratively to access every aspect of the project process

Value Engineering

We bring a seasoned eye to vetting bids, schedules and estimates

After our initial estimate, we’ll meet with your business owner, the architect, and the contractor team (OAC). We’ll discuss the priorities of the program, and provide the team with the most cost-effective means of accomplishing these priorities. At this stage, we’ll determine how to most effectively “package” the job; for example, whether to split interior and exterior tasks, how to reduce any necessary relocation costs, and sequencing the progression of the project.

Our second cost review comes when construction drawings are developed approximately halfway, and outline specifications are available. Our goal is to verify that the assumptions made at the first review are still workable within the context of the job as it unfolds. Before our final estimate, we’ll vet sub-contractors and ask for bids.

Once bidders are selected, they’ll be notified of bid dates, walk-through, and addenda, utilizing a central fax/e-mail notification system administered by our staff. We’ll also post all pertinent drawings and specifications online so they can be viewed, downloaded, or ordered by sub-contractors. Additionally, we have a dedicated room where sets of plans and specifications can be personally reviewed. Scope sheets are prepared for the main trades, but we emphasize that the project documents define the work.