The Way We WorkPre-Construction The work we do upfront ensures that we meet your goals


We review multiple approaches to find the most cost effective solution

As the general contractor, the core of pre-construction services is estimating the cost of the program developed by the design consultants. Typically, this is done three times during the development of the GMP.

The first cost review is at schematic or design development level. This estimate is provided with the proposal. We will use a combination of in-house quantity estimating and selected sub-contractor consultation to develop an estimate. The deliverable is a detailed breakdown of costs presented in a way that’s easy to read. During this review, the major systems and methods of construction are analyzed and compared for suitability for the project. For example, if there are different structural solutions, we can plan and price various methods so that resident impact, as well as costs, can be compared. If the project has Green Point rating or similar programs, we can sketch out a plan to meet the requirements. An overall construction schedule with any phasing using Microsoft Project is developed at this stage. The goal of the first cost review is to ensure that the owner and consultants are comfortable that the design program can be carried out as agreed upon.