The Way We WorkDesign/Build Design/Build trims your budget while reducing time and risk

Ongoing: Design/Build

One BBI team for design, engineering and construction

BBI’s design/build service provides our client with a single source for design, engineering and construction. There are two main advantages of this approach:

  1. Speed of project delivery.  BBI, with direct control of design and engineering, coordinates the planning of each stage of the project. Costs, means and methods, and scheduling are aligned with construction documentation. Coordinating these processes saves time and reduces the potential for errors, a big advantage over the traditional design-bid-modify-bid approach.
  2. Reduced risk: With Design/Build, BBI is the guarantor of cost for both design and construction services, which provides additional cost certainty to the owner.

Our typical design/build process involves a number of sequential steps. The first is a review of the base documents, tests and inspections, site conditions, and the bridging documents (if any). If a LEED certification is indicated, we’ll provide you with a checklist identifying possible points. The cost of the scope is then estimated, with general design solutions in mind, to arrive at an “order of magnitude” budget. Design Development drawings are produced and costs are estimated in a format that allows the owner and user to apply priority assignments to each item. After these things have been done, construction documents are produced, sub-contractors are identified, and the project is competitively bid. Some adjustments are made when bids are received, but, after that, the amount and the scope are fixed.

Additionally, the design/build process allows the team to assess and pinpoint long lead items very early on in the design process.