The Way We Work We focus on quality and efficiency to save you time and money

Our Approach

We go above and beyond the standard

We become part of your team

We merge as seamlessly as possible into the culture of the business that hires us. When we work for you, we operate within your parameters. We focus on collaboration so that you know our status in the process at all times, and we can turn on a dime if the need arises.

We expedite the process without compromising quality

We’re good listeners, and when you tell us where you want to go, we provide you with a number of ways to get there. Our experience, knowledge, and familiarity with the means, materials, services, and the ways in which things work in the Bay Area enable us to recommend and execute strategies that will accomplish your goals — while controlling costs and keeping the project on schedule.

Our Principals are deeply committed to your project

At least one principal will oversee your entire project to make certain that our team is functioning smoothly, that no detail gets overlooked, and that we bring the job in within budget and on schedule. That means you’ll have someone on your team who can provide solutions quickly when situations call for it, and who has both the expertise and the authority to get the job done.

Hiring Practices

Job creation is fundamental to the development of healthy communities

We’re a leader in providing job opportunities for local residents, including those with disadvantages.

By providing job opportunities to those in our communities who face significant challenges, we increase the quality of their lives and enrich their earning potential. Ultimately, the money you expend on construction is invested in your success.

General Contracting Services

We provide a hand-picked team of craftsmen, laborers and sub-contractors

We have the tools to provide an accurate analysis and the expertise to carry out decisions. Your team will work with you throughout the entire project — this provides the necessary continuity to execute pre-construction commitments, react economically when the unexpected occurs, and achieve your goals.

1: Pre-Construction

The core of pre-construction services is to estimate, based on the scope developed by the design consultants. Typically, we provide three estimates as the GMP develops.
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2: Value Engineering

After our initial estimate, we meet with the client, architect and contractor team. We discuss the priorities of the program and provide the team with the most cost-effective means of accomplishing these priorities.
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3: Construction

BBI provides carpentry and other general contracting services using our BBI staff, unless budget or other factors require subcontractors. We keep all parties up-to-date on progress. BBI knows that good communication is the most efficient way to ensure a project proceeds on spec.
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Ongoing: Design/Build

The speed of project delivery is gained through direct control of the design and engineering by the design/build entity. This allows direct planning of the scope between the design and construction representatives based on the owner’s program.

Cost, means and methods, scheduling, and the program are all considered concurrent with the development of construction documents, which optimizes the budget and reduces the time of the traditional design-bid-modify-bid cycle.
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Future: Modular

BBI is committed to finding better ways to build, especially approaches that use sustainable materials and protect the environment. Factory-Built Housing (FBH) shows great promise, and BBI is investing time and research into finding practical solutions.
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