Lake Merritt Municipal Boathouse

The Lake Merritt Master Plan, approved by voters in 2002, returns the long dormant historic Municipal Boathouse near to its original design. Built in 1909, the Boathouse was expanded in 1913, and is celebrated for its location alongside one of the largest urban lakes in the United States. Major structural, seismic, and historic renovation has restored the ambiance and character of the building. On the upper levels, a restaurant, a cafe, and a meeting room were emplaced. On the lower levels, boating facilities were upgraded to meet current use requirements. Extensive site work was undertaken in the area around the Boathouse. The lawn was removed and the area regraded to support for a parking lot for the restaurant. Walk way paths, stairs, low retaining walls, and reconstruction of the lake edge wall to the north and south of the building were also accomplished.

This project is currently headed towards a LEED Silver certification. The LEED features of the building will include-energy efficient light fixtures and equipment, low VOC-content finish materials, the installation of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mahogany for the exterior windows and doors, a recycled content of 5% on materials put into the project, and the recycling of 75% on all waste material taken from the site.

  • ClientCity of Oakland
  • ArchitectWallace Roberts & Todd, Inc. & Murakami/Nelson Architectural Corporation